Tuned Percussion Making Workshops


Musical instruments designed with collective music making in mind

Tuned Percussion Making Workshops for Junior Schools and Special Needs Schools.

Years 4, 5 and 6

In a day, pupils from one class make a 2 Octave Xylophone, Metallophone or a Batonka.

Using a separate classroom I work with a group of 4 pupils on a rotational basis throughout the day. This is a real opportunity for pupils to develop Design and Technology skills as well as the understanding of Science and Music.

The school benefits from the addition of a new instrument that will be in tune with the school’s existing music resources. “It was a great experience for the classes that made the instruments and both are still in use 5 years on.”  Mr Webb, Senior teacher at  Belmont Junior, London, N22

Price from £275 per day (incl. materials) for a class

The instruments can be installed in the playground (as below). For an extra payment which covers the cost of making the frame off-site and installation. Costs from £300 extra.

This metallophone keys were cut and tuned in a day by Year 5 pupils. The keys were then fixed to frame and attached to reclaimed desk legs by Will Embliss. These instruments can be used indoors and out in the playground as desired.

Download Leaflet  Tuned Percussion Making Workshops

Please contact Will Embliss

 07946 625957 or 0208 351 3121


78 Devonshire Hill Lane, London, N17 7NG

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