Musical Fountain



The Musical Fountain was part of the AP and Beyond Arts Festival 2013 and was sited in Albert Rd Rec, organised by the local arts group Everyones Climbing Tree.

Creating sounds with water falling onto many different found objects was the aim of this installation. The wind had a huge influence on the sequence of sounds. So the music that the stream of water droplets played changed on each sweep of the fountain. Children and adults sometimes took the risk getting wet to move objects around to see what would happen to the music.

Day 1

Using a water sprinkler that would track one way more or less silently and it tracked back rhythmically as seen in the video.

Day 2

I used a water sprinkler that could track back and forth more or less silently. The result of this was that the sound, from the found objects when the water hit them, was more prominent.

Everyones Climbing Tree



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