Science of Sound Workshops

For Years 4, 5 and 6

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This exciting workshop covers  “Changing Sounds”  topic of the National Curriculum.

Will’s insight as a musical instrument designer makes this a thoroughly engaging workshop.

Every pupil takes part in a demonstration using all sorts of unusual instruments including: broomsticks, a conch shell, penny whistles, straws, guitar strings, a slinky, a trumpet, a trombone, plastic tubing, a marimba, plastic bottles, a metallophone, a batonka, a tuning fork,  a djembe, water and a helium balloon.

In the process pupils will learn:

  • How to differentiate between Pitch and Volume.
  • How sound travels through  Solids, Liquids and Gases, but not through a Vacuum.
  • How to vary pitch on Strings, Wind, Brass and Percussion.

The workshop is designed for 30 pupils and lasts approximately 90 minutes  Cost £95

Download Leaflet Science of Sound Workshop

Please contact Will Embliss

 07946 625957 or 0208 351 3121

78 Devonshire Hill Lane, London, N17 7NG

Feedback from schools:-

“Brilliant workshop, so interactive and different from last year.” National Science Teacher of the Year 2012, Tracy Kilkenny, Muswell Hill Primary

“ The way you conducted the session taught the Year 4 children so much about sound. During a plenary later that day, it was obvious that all the children had learnt a lot from the workshop” Irene Tyrell, Head of St Martin of Porres

“Thank you for delivering a wonderfully informative and hands on workshop to accompany our sound topic. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and is evident from the work they completed afterwards clearly learnt a great deal. I will definitely recommend your workshop to the teachers of year 4 next year.” Clare O’Sullivan, Teacher at St Georges Catholic Primary School Sudbury.

Thank you letters from Year 4 pupils at Cavendish School
Thank you letters from Year 4 pupils at Cavendish School Camden Nov 2015

6 thoughts on “Science of Sound Workshops”

  1. Excellent workshop. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a great introduction to their sound topic. Would definitely book Will again for next year to kick start our sound topic. I would highly recommend him.

  2. Will Embliss has been coming to Tiverton for the past eight years with his Science of Sound workshop that is great revision just before year 6 SATs. Will and his science workshops are inclusive and engaging.The interactive nature means that all pupils are able to participate and further consolidate their knowledge. The children absolutely love the workshops and talk about them ( and re-enact them!) long after the event is over.

  3. Thank you for coming to Tiverton wih your interactive workshops last week, Will! The children in year 4 enjoyed the interactive nature of the workshops and the content really supported their science topic of sound. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

  4. “Will came to our school and did a science of sound workshop today. The children were enthralled . He made this element of the science curriculum exciting and thought provoking by using his own hand-made instruments to explore how sounds are created.” Anne Forsyth St Mary’s C of E Primary Northchurch

  5. Hi Will,

    The children couldn’t sing your praises enough during our discussions. Here are some of the things they said:

    “It was really fun because we all got to take part!” Olivia

    “I loved it because I love science!” Mylah

    “I was really impressed that he had made his own instruments!” Cameron

    “ I found it fantastic because I learnt lots of new things!” Kye

    “It was really educational.” Summer

    “ I found it really interesting learning about sound in so many different ways!” Eva

    Thanks again,
    Claire Leader Year 4 teacher at Northwick Park Academy

  6. Thank you again Will. The workshop was great and I felt as if three quarters of the curriculum had been taught by the time you left us!

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