Science of Sound Workshops

For Years 4, 5 and 6

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This exciting workshop covers  “Changing Sounds”  topic of the National Curriculum.

Will’s insight as a musical instrument designer makes this a thoroughly engaging workshop.

Every pupil takes part in a demonstration using all sorts of unusual instruments including: broomsticks, a conch shell, penny whistles, straws, guitar strings, a slinky, a trumpet, a trombone, plastic tubing, a marimba, plastic bottles, a metallophone, a batonka, a tuning fork,  a djembe, water and a helium balloon.

In the process pupils will learn:

  • How to differentiate between Pitch and Volume.
  • How sound travels through  Solids, Liquids and Gases, but not through a Vacuum.
  • How to vary pitch on Strings, Wind, Brass and Percussion.

The workshop is designed for 30 pupils and lasts approximately 90 minutes  Cost £95

Download Leaflet Science of Sound Workshop

Please contact Will Embliss

 07946 625957 or 0208 351 3121

78 Devonshire Hill Lane, London, N17 7NG

Feedback from schools:-

“Brilliant workshop, so interactive and different from last year.” National Science Teacher of the Year 2012, Tracy Kilkenny, Muswell Hill Primary

“ The way you conducted the session taught the Year 4 children so much about sound. During a plenary later that day, it was obvious that all the children had learnt a lot from the workshop” Irene Tyrell, Head of St Martin of Porres

“Thank you for delivering a wonderfully informative and hands on workshop to accompany our sound topic. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and is evident from the work they completed afterwards clearly learnt a great deal. I will definitely recommend your workshop to the teachers of year 4 next year.” Clare O’Sullivan, Teacher at St Georges Catholic Primary School Sudbury.

Thank you letters from Year 4 pupils at Cavendish School
Thank you letters from Year 4 pupils at Cavendish School Camden Nov 2015

2 thoughts on “Science of Sound Workshops”

  1. Hi Will,

    The children couldn’t sing your praises enough during our discussions. Here are some of the things they said:

    “It was really fun because we all got to take part!” Olivia

    “I loved it because I love science!” Mylah

    “I was really impressed that he had made his own instruments!” Cameron

    “ I found it fantastic because I learnt lots of new things!” Kye

    “It was really educational.” Summer

    “ I found it really interesting learning about sound in so many different ways!” Eva

    Thanks again,
    Claire Leader Year 4 teacher at Northwick Park Academy

  2. Thank you again Will. The workshop was great and I felt as if three quarters of the curriculum had been taught by the time you left us!

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