Boating Lake Batonka

Boating Lake Batonka

Boating Lake Batonka May 2013
Boating Lake Batonka at Alexandra Palace Park May 2013

The Boating Lake Batonka was created for “That’s Your Lot 13” exhibition presented by Rekindle Public Arts at Alexandra Park Boating Lake in May 2013.

This installation was interactive; by pulling a handle the Batonka tubes could be lifted out of the water and made to fall back in. A series of resonant gloopy sounds emit form the tubes as they hit the water. The tubes also drip water and clunk together on being lifted out. These sounds added to the existing sound environment being at a similar level to that of the ducks and geese quacking and splashing in the lake. Throughout the weekend visitors to Alexandra Park engaged in playing with the installation. The reflections of the tubes in the water were very pleasing and two out of three photos about the exhibition published in the Ham and High newspaper were of the Boating Lake Batonka.

(Made from drainpipes and reclaimed wood)




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