Panpipe making workshops

Panpipe Making Workshops

Make a diatonic panpipe with eight notes in a morning following instructions from the workshop leader. This workshop is suitable for students in Years 4 to 6.

A class of up to 30 students work in groups of  3 or 4 to make a set of panpipes.

The students will use PVC tubing, rotary tube cutters, sandpaper, scissors, electrical tape, gaffer tape and cardboard to make the instrument. I request that there is a class teacher and TA present and taking part for this workshop.

All materials and tools are provided.

Using a tube cutter
Using a tube cutter

Each workshop lasts up to 2 hours. So one class can have a morning workshop and another class can have a workshop in the afternoon.

Cost £190 for a full morning or afternoon with one class of 30.


Panpipe making workshop leaflet

Pentatonic papnpipe made at the Angel Canal Festival 2018
Two teenagers making pentatonic panpipes at the Angel Canal Festival
Mother helping her daughter to cut a panpipe tube at the Angel Canal Festival
Two sisters try out their panpipes at the Angel Canal Festival







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