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Portable roll-up xylophone

I hope you and yours getting through the Covid 19 pandemic OK.  I’ve decided to get creative and rather than making oversized instruments for playgrounds I have started making smaller versions of old favourites. So please have a look at this xylophone and share with your friends.

8 note Recycled wood (Gym bars) Xylophone  £79.99 plus postage

Play this bright, high pitched, funky pentatonic xylophone anywhere. Play it on a sofa, table or floor. Hang it up or fold it away!

Light, portable fun and a great sound! For all ages and abilities, ages 2-92

Upcycled Douglas Fir from an East London school’s climbing bars. 2 Beaters Bamboo shafts, yarn wound wooden mallet on one end / champagne cork on the other end.

Tuned to A=440 8 notes are C-D-E-G-Bb-C-D-E

This scale was used on the amazing album Tanzania Yetu by the incredible musician Hukwe Zawose

See this instrument played on

Hear Hukwe Zawose playing on

L 480mm W 360mm H 70mm Weight 1.6kg

Domestic or international postage. USA is fast and efficient.

Gym-bar Xylo rolled up


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